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Eliminate password fatigue


No one likes passwords. Most of us come up with a few passwords and reuse them site after site.


Of course, some websites mess with our plan by demanding different password rules.


And then, someone breaks into Yahoo! or some other site and now you need to change your password on several other sites now to stay safe.

The point of passwords


Passwords protect us. But, protect us from what? We see news . Yet, most of us rationalize we won't be a target.


But, in reality, the target isn't just you; it's also your family, friends, and social network. After a thief breaks into your life, they now have many more targets to go after. 

Forget remembering and changing passwords

Stay in control


Keep control of your passwords the easy way by letting MobileVaults manage your passwords for you, automatically.

What we don’t do

  • We never have access to your passwords.

  • We do not use the cloud to store your secret information.

  • Our no-sync model doesn't leave your passwords everywhere you have used them.

  • We never leave out-of-sync passwords on devices.

What we do similarly

  • You only need to remember one password.

  • Generates strong passwords for you.

What we do better

  • Securely stores your secrets on your smartphone.

  • Give you control over your privacy.

  • Provide you complete control and 24/7 access to your secrets.

  • Help you change your passwords automatically.

  • Wirelessly connects your computer or tablet to your smartphone when you need a password.

  • Automatically make secure daily backups of your secrets.

With so many apps claiming to manage passwords, how to choose one over another? From our security and privacy background, here are our beliefs.
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